Essential Training Program Duplication Simplified

Essential Training Program: Duplication Simplified

Have you been struggling to find a system that you can duplicate with your team?  Do you have documents for your team in all different locations? Is getting a new builder up and running a challenge because you don’t know where to start? Great news!!!

We have made it simple for you and your team to duplicate success!  Meet the Essential Training.  This duplicatable and easy to follow training is a 4 section program that will allow you to teach your new business partners the basics of the business, how to support their new customers and how to talk to people about the business.

Check out this quick sneak peek:

This innovative, yet simple training will provide you with two manuals:

1. The Essential Training Manual: This is a one stop shop for all of your new business partners.  They will have everything they need to be successful right at their fingertips.
•  Includes a 20-minute introductory training webinar that covers section 1

2. The Essential Training Mentor Manual: This will help you walk your new builders through their training manuals and get them started on the right foot.  This manual simplifies mentoring and allows new builders to quickly step into the role of mentor and support business partners faster and more efficiently.

This program has transformed my team and is perfect for those builders that have put the effort in and use this system to its full advantage. Many participants are hitting elite in 1-2 months and finding their first 2-3 builders with ease in that time frame (results may vary).

This program is valued at over $500 with the multiple different training combined into one.  This has years of knowledge and experience wrapped into two convenient manuals.  As giving and sharing with others is important to us we have decided to offer this to you at the amazing price of just $247.

But it is your lucky day!!!! We are offering a discount at the price of $197 for a short time! Grab your manuals now!


After paying you will be directed to a link to register, please do not close out the window.  Shortly after registering you will receive an email with the login link. (check your spam if it doesn’t show up)

* By purchasing this program you agree to distribute only to your direct builders.  When they are ready to duplicate this system down to their builders they are to come back and purchase their own access to the program.  We at Natural Wellness Tips LLC always hold those purchasing our program with the highest integrity and expect the same integrity to be reciprocated in how this program is handled.  Please do not share your personal log in information.  This program is copyrighted and may not be duplicated, customized or rebranded in any way.  If you are looking to make a group/bulk purchase of manuals for your team a discounted may be negotiated by emailing us directly at I hope you find as much success with this program as our team has!

Testimonials What people are saying about Essential Training

I love how the Essential Training has made the steps to doing this business so clear! I have re-engaged people on my team who were casually sharing and they now understand the next steps they must take to be successful. The best part about this training is everything is in one place and so simple to follow!!!”

– Lori Jimenez, Platinum Leader

I started using the Essential Training program 3 months ago. Since then, I have jumped 2 rank advancements and am now considered a “leader” in my company! I have grown so much in such a small period of time because of the guidance this manual offers, not to mention the easy scripts. It really just simplifies everything and has made it easier for me to attract builders, and to make the system duplicatable….something I struggled with for over a year until this came along. I am so grateful for this simple and easy tool, my team is too! We have all grown so much!”

– Kristine J, Denver, CO, Gold Leader

Can anyone say answer to prayer!!!??? I was sitting with a crossline friend pouring my heart out about all my struggles after building my doTERRA business for 5 years and how frustrated I was about launching new builders and she told me about Essential Training! One look and I was ‘IN’… I bought it immediately and launched a builder with it the next week! This is so simple yet so powerful. Literally EXACTLY what I needed! I feel so empowered to launch and mentor new builders in a simple way and teach them to do the same! Thank you!

– Kelly Couch, Gold Wellness Advocate

BONUS Do you get tired of answering the same questions when someone enrolls with you?
Do you wish you had it all it one location?

  • Top 10 essential oil uses
  • Essential oil safety
  • Most popular uses for essential oils
  • Diffuser recipes
  • Cleaning recipes
  • Most popular second orders
  • LRP
  • Wellness Consult
  • Referrals 
  • Customer service numbers and website access

What if I told you we had it all in one simple place that you can email off to everyone you enroll?  
It is a simple to follow, easy to share E-book.

Good news, we have done the work, and it is all ready for you. Best part is it is only $37.00!!!!
By purchasing the program you have access to email it to all of your personal enrollments.  Your new builders can then come purchase their own copy to email to each of their enrollments.  
Just think about it, in the past I spend $1 a piece for every enrollment on a small oil usage guide that had 1/8 of the information in this E-book.  That can really add up!!! Now for a one time purchase of $37 you have access to this E-book for like to send to each of your enrollments. 
welcome guide cover