We have been taught our whole lives that the doctors know everything and that is where we go to get better.  I love having access to doctors for emergencies, however I have dared to veer off the road and I feel so blessed that I did.
Do you feel like you need other options? You would like to find natural alternatives to support you and your family?
If so, you’ve traveled to the right place. Let’s connect, and I can guide you on the road less traveled.

doTERRA Essential Oils: Choose Quality

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Essential Training Program: Duplication Simplified

This duplicatable and easy to follow training is a 4 section program that will allow you to teach your new business partners the basics of the business, how to support their new customers and how to talk to people about the business.


  • I am so grateful for this simple and easy tool

    I started using the Essential Training program 3 months ago. Since then, I have jumped 2 rank advancements and am now considered a “leader” in my company! I have grown so much in such a small period of time because of the guidance this manual offers, not to mention the easy scripts. It really just simplifies everything and has made it easier for me to attract builders, and to make the system duplicatable….something I struggled with for over a year until this came along. I am so grateful for this simple and easy tool, my team is too! We have all grown so much!”

    Kristine J.
    Gold Leader
  • The best part about this training is everything is in one place

    I love how the Essential Training has made the steps to doing this business so clear! I have re-engaged people on my team who were casually sharing and they now understand the next steps they must take to be successful. The best part about this training is everything is in one place and so simple to follow!!!

    Lori Jimenez
    Gold Leader
  • One look and I was ‘IN’

    Can anyone say answer to prayer!!!??? I was sitting with a crossline friend pouring my heart out about all my struggles after building my doTERRA business for 5 years and how frustrated I was about launching new builders and she told me about Essential Training! One look and I was ‘IN’… I bought it immediately and launched a builder with it the next week! This is so simple yet so powerful. Literally EXACTLY what I needed! I feel so empowered to launch and mentor new builders in a simple way and teach them to do the same! Thank you!

    Kelly Couch
    Gold Wellness Advocate

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