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Jennifer Shaw

My life changed at 25 …

After an accident that left me with a new definition of normal I felt like a passenger in my life more than the person actually living it.

Following this accident, the doctors basically told me to adjust to my new normal and fill out my permanent disability paperwork...I couldn’t even imagine my life like this…

Permanently disabled? What about my dreams? I wanted to have a family, be able to travel the world, all of those would be stolen from me.

I knew if I listened to them, my life as I knew it was over.

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So I did what anyone would do at that point, I went home and cried…a lot!!!. But the next day is what made all the difference in my life, I put all the pills away and decided to feel what my body was going through.  

I began working with an amazing acupuncturist and I stepped back into the yoga studio.  I felt like I was managing pretty well. I had gone back to work at this point and felt like I had established my new normal. That new normal included pain levels of 4-9/10…….so it wasn’t a very comfortable normal.

Then one day my acupuncturist told me she wanted me to meet another one of her clients who used essential oils.  I met with this lady over coffee.

I remember thinking... "What did I say yes to?! She is crazy, she really thinks essential oils could help me?" Something in my gut was telling me to go for it!


I regained my clarity of mind.


Not only was I not disabled but I found a career I was extremely passionate about. It fulfilled me in so many ways. I was empowering myself and all of those around me to live a happier, healthier lifestyle

Let my experience be an example to you in a few ways:

  • It doesn’t matter how devastating your journey has been, you can recover and come back better than ever

  • You and only you can make the choose to pursue the life you want.

  • The life you want is worth the fight, it may not be easy but it will be worth it.

  • Whole living and wellness isn’t only about one area of your life. It is about all areas of your life. This can seem overwhelming but I am here to help you.

  • Listen to your gut, your intuition, your heart. Follow it. It knows what you need.