Kristine's Story: How Vitality Supplements eased her Bladder Discomfort

Sometimes, the stories and experiences of others help up us to see things from a different perspective.

Today, I am sharing Kristine's story and how the Lifelong Vitality Supplements have helped solve her ongoing bladder discomfort.

Thank you, Kristine, for sharing your experience with us: 

"For about 11 years I had been dealing with ongoing bladder discomfort. It's basically an inflamed bladder and when I would have flare ups it would feel like a bladder infection and make it hard to do anything. I tried everything from medications, to installation treatments (which means I eventually had to self catheterization - I know, I know - you're jealous - imagine having to do that on your honeymoon) and physical therapy, as well as having to change my diet so I could not eat any acidic foods (which turns out, is pretty much everything amazing in life; coffee, chocolate, wine, citrus, etc.) 

All of these treatments only helped a little or not at all, and I would still be in discomfort. My friend told me about their Lifelong Vitality Supplements and suggested I try them because I trust her. I was hesitant because at the time I was on maternity leave and not making any income, but I was also wanting relief. She mentioned they had a 30 day money back guarantee, and that if I didn't see any positive changes I could send the empty bottles back and get my money back - this is all I needed to hear to try them (and convince my husband that it was OK to spend the money).

After just 2 weeks I started seeing results. I've been taking them and using the oils since January 2015, and I'm now discomfort-free and using the oils for everything from skincare, to sleep, to keep my immune system healthy and also my daughter's and husband's! I cannot say enough about these amazing oils and products! My only regret is that I hadn't tried them sooner!"

– Kristine, Denver, CO