Joe's Story: Solving Sleepless Nights with Serenity Oil post Back Injury

Sometimes, the stories and experiences of others help up us to see things from a different perspective.

Today, I am sharing Joe's story and how he's used essential oils to get better sleep after a serious back injury.

Thank you, Joe, for sharing your experience with all of us here: 

"Serenity -- it's part of my nighttime routine. Two drops on the bottoms of my feet and I'm asleep in minutes...

I suffered a pretty bad back injury and had a fractured vertebrae that led to surgery about 12 years ago. Now my L4, L5 and S1 are fused together, along with 6 - 3" titanium screws. I feel I've been pretty fortunate with the results of the surgery since I've only needed the one, but I've continued to suffer from discomfort and at times it can be quite severe.

Just about a month ago it was suggested I try the Lifelong Vitality Supplements and Deep Blue rub (I was hesitant about the rub, I didn't want to smell too "fufu", lol, but I actually found I really like it!)...anyway, within about 10-14 days I had already noticed a change in my pain/stiffness level, it was starting to feel much better.

I've now been taking the supplements (and using the rub regularly) for a little over a month and feel great and feel even better as the days and weeks pass. Not only has my pain and stiffness felt better but I find I have much more energy and better focused throughout the day...I can say that I'm a believer!"

- Joe, Portland, OR