Jamie's Story: How Oils Transformed my Mental State


Sometimes, the stories and experiences of others help up us to see things from a different perspective.

Today, I am sharing Jamie's story and how she's used essential oils to transform her mental health.

Thank you, Jamie, for sharing your experience with all of us here: 

“I've struggled with my health my whole life. Both physical and emotional. My biggest struggle was dealing with my anxious feelings. There would be times I was scared to even leave my house. Every time I went to the doctor they wanted me to try something new, something different, something I would have to rely on daily. Because of my past and family history, I didn't want to be reliant on some form of medication just in order to get through the day, but at that point, I didn’t really feel like I had a choice!

I tried a few things but they didn't give me the support I wanted,  They took away my mental clarity, made me feel foggy,  I just didn't feel like myself, the worst part for me was when I would experience severe feelings of panic. Finally I found something that helped me with them, however, the day after taking them I would feel like my world was crumbling around me. The side effects were so much worse than the actual problem in the first place. Not to mention, that the possible addiction was something I wasn't willing to live with... I was back to square one.

This is what led to where I am today. I started looking into natural alternatives, and what I've found was incredible. I started using essential oils almost 2 years ago, at first I was skeptical, however, I am glad I tried them because they have changed my life.  I added oils like lavender, frankincense, and wild orange and was amazed by how just by smelling I would feel calmer. 

I started learning everything I could about essential oils and how they interact with our bodies. I was amazed to learn that they can even support our immune system. After I experienced such amazing results with the essential oils I decided to give the supplements, Lifelong Vitality, a try. Again, I was amazed, after just one week I noticed I had more energy and far less discomfort throughout my body. I also realized that I wasn't having anxious feelings or feeling panicked.  I felt good, like the old me again! I wanted to be a part of the world again. Since then I have, rekindled relationships with friends I had drifted away from when I was unable to leave my home, rediscovered hobbies I love and I am enjoying trying new things"

- Jamie, Denver, CO