Handling Heartbreak

Heartbreak is something we all go through and it shows up in different ways for each of us at different points in our lives.  Maybe it's the sickness of a family member, loss of someone close to you or the end of a relationship....... It doesn't matter how heartbreak shows up, its heartbreak.  Even if we have the best support system in the world heartbreak can feel so isolating and hopeless.  

I spoke with a dear friend today who's heart was just crushed by some news and realized that this is a topic we don't talk about nearly enough.  We have this desire to always, 'Have our S*** Together.'  Why is it not ok to break down?  Why is not ok to just cry it out?  Why does it make us soooooo uncomfortable to see someone cry?  Think about it!  What ran through your head last time you saw someone cry?  We aren't perfect and I know that, but why do we get so uncomfortable with the hard stuff!!!!  It is ok to deal with heartache and heartbreak.  So since we live in a world where we know more heartbreak is coming let's talk about some tools we can use when we deal with the inevitable.  So sorry if this tip makes you a little uncomfortable but if it helps one person breathe a little lighter then it was worth me taking the time to write it.  

For me, one of the most healing things I can do is curl up in my bed or on the couch with a cup of chamomile tea and journal.  WRITE IT OUT!!!! Let my anger go, my sadness release, the tears flow, the fond memories come.  Journaling allows us to take the thoughts out of mind and release them, let them go even if for a time being.  

Another go-to for me is quality time with those who matter most.  Spend time with those you love!  Those people who make you smile the most and are comfortable sitting in silence letting you be with your thoughts.  Your tribe is so important during these times.  

Music!  Music is so healing.  I know I am a dork, but have you ever watched Grey's Anatomy?  They always pump the music and dance it out when something sad happens.  They dance, and laugh and forget even if for just one minute what is weighing on their minds and it's so wonderful.  So pump the jams and dance it out!

Move, you have to move, whatever that means for you.  A walk, a run, swim, the gym, the yoga studio.  My healing space is the four corners of my yoga mat.  That mat has helped me through so many crazy things in my life from getting hit by a car to losing those so close to me.  

Now for some more of the more off the wall ideas for some people.  There is so much energy in things around us and our homes pick up on our energy.   Just as it is important to shower regularly I believe it is important to Sage and Palo Santo your home to cleanse the energy and start fresh to allow good energy in.  If you have no idea what I am talking about I can write a post just about this very soon!!!!!  In the most basic description, you can get Sage and Palo Santo at your local health food store.  You start by burning sage throughout the house and you follow it up with Palo Santos.  

Another thing I find very healing a Rose Quartz,  it is the stone of unconditional love.  It is extremely powerful and beneficial when it comes to the heart chakra helping to heal the heart and open it up to all forms of love.  It puts off a high energy but instills a feeling of soothing calmness. Personally, I always sleep with Rose Quartz next to my bed, but when I dealing with something heartbreaking I actually add Rose Quartz crystals to my bath!!!  It's amazing cause it helps to clear out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others from your heart space.  So go grab your self some rose quartz!

Well, I know you are waiting for it so let's talk about some of my favorite essential oils and blends for healing heartbreak that I just LOVE!!! First I want to give you two references that have helped me is oh so many ways!  

These two books have been my biggest resource when supporting myself and others with emotional stress and heartbreak.  I wanted to make sure to give these two books much-needed credit before I tell you about the oils I love and turn to. 

Helichrysum: A must for emotional healing.  Helichrysum is the oil for pain.  It removes pain quickly and effortlessly.  It holds the emotional tissues together until the heart can heal.  Use this oil daily, I prefer over your heart and third eye (between eyebrows) 

Eucalyptus: The oil of wellness.  It addresses deep emotional or spiritual issues of the need to be sick.  It encourages individuals to take full responsibility for their own health.  It reminds us that it is our choice to feel healthy and happy.  I like to apply this oils to the inside of my wrists or elbow creases as well as over my chest.  

Cardamom: The oil of Objectivity, cardamom helps individuals to regain objectivity, mental sobriety, and self-control.  It helps us to digest our emotions and allows us to feel loved, supported, confident and whole.  I like this one right over the heart or around the belly button.

Ylang Ylang: The oil of the inner child.  It is a powerful remedy for the heart.  The heart is intuitive in receiving information and is an integral part of our soul.  Pain can create energetic holes in the heart and ylang ylang can fill those holes.  This one for me goes right on the HEART!!!

Myrrh: The oil of mother earth, Myrrh nurtures the soul's relationship with its maternal mother and with the earth.  It helps us feel safe, secure and overcome survival issues.  It nourishes the heart, reminding you that everything is going to be OK.  It helps you to remember that you have all the love and support you need to make it through.  This one also I love right over the heart.  

Console:   The comforting blend and oil of consolation, this blend of trees and flowers are formulated to assist you when you are in need of emotional comfort.  It soothes emotional pain after periods of extreme stress or trauma.  This oil blend feels like a big HUG for me!  I put it right on my wrists and over my heart.  

These are just a  few of my favorites for the heart and heartbreak!  I want to show you just a few of the blends that I find exceptionally powerful for heartbreak.  

Grief Diffuser Blend

  • 2 drops Eucalyptus
  • 2 drops Cardamom
  • 2 drops Helichrysum 

Diffuse and breathe!!!! Or cry, or journal or drink wine....whatever you need to do!

Desiree probably has my favorite blends of all time for emotional wellness.  I HIGHLY recommend her book, like seriously, go buy it now! It will change your life!  If I had to pick one for heartbreak I would make the 'Mend the Heart' Blend.  

in a 5 mL roller bottle

  • 8 drops Ylang Ylang
  • 3 drops helichrysum
  • 5 drops Juniper Berry
  • 4 drops Wild Orange
  • 2 drops Myrhh
  • 2 drops Douglas Fir
  • 1 drops spearmint

Then you fill the bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil and roll on your wrists and over your heart!

Wow now that is a lot of information, but I hope it helps at least one person!  I hope I spoke directly to at least one person's heart.  Go grab your oils and feel the comfort and release!