Just Keep Smiling!

This can be a crazy time of year!  Kid's going back to school, the fun of summer ending, weather changing.....so how do you keep a smile on your face?  I am going to give you some of my favorite tips to keep smiling even through the trying times.  What's the country song? Trace Adkins, 'You're Gonna Miss This.'  He talks about the overwhelm of life and having kids and how one day you will look back and miss these crazy days and wish you could have them back.  So let's talk about some ways you can get through these crazy days with a smile on your face.  

Make Time To Get Outside: Outdoors is so healing, get to the beach, or the hiking trail, on a bike....who cares just get outside.  Do it by yourself, or with friends or your family.  Slow down and get some fresh air.  While you are out there pause, close your eyes and take a couple deep breaths.  How many times a day do you actually slow down and take a deep breath????  Before I go outside to exercise I love to grab my Wild Orange and Peppermint, place a drop in my hands and take three long deep breaths, then with a big smile on my face I head outside!

Practice Gratitude: You know those moments when you come home and your kitchen is a mess or you are trying to get your kids to do their homework and they are fighting with you, maybe you are trying to pay your bills and realizing you are coming up a bit short..... these situations are all frustrating but can you find a place for gratitude in them? You are grateful for this kitchen that your family gathers in the come together, eat and enjoy life!  You are grateful for you healthy happy kids who know enough to try and barter their way out homework.  You are here and able to work and provide for yourself, you are grateful for the money you have and know that more is coming your way!  Whatever the glimmer of gratitude is, find it and hold onto it, write it down, say it out loud.  Pause and make everyone in the room with you say one thing they are grateful for and try not to smile at the end of that! Also, a little bit of Forgive Essential oil doesn't hurt!!!!! I take the forgive touch and I roll it over my heart and on the inside of my wrists.  

Get Some Sleep: Sleep is so important to our health, we need it for every aspect of our wellness!  Weight, Immunity, Emotional Health and more!  So if the house is extra stressful, make bedtime a little early, read books as a family, turn off the electronics and turn on the diffuser with some Lavender or Serenity Essential Oil. Put a drop of Serenity on the bottom of everyone's feet. Try and relax early so you can get a good night sleep. It will do you wonders.

Stress and overwhelm is our worst enemy.  If we don't slow down and take care of ourselves we can't show up for others in our lives being the best version of ourselves.  So take a few minutes.  Grab your oils, smell the roses, feel grateful and get some sleep!