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Reboot You and Thrive in 2019

Are you sick of setting new years resolutions and not achieving them? In 2019 I will lose weight, eat healthy, go to the gym, call my family more, go to bed earlier…….you options are endless, we have all set these goals and then get to December and look back and say how is the year over? Nothing has changed!!! I only know this because I have done it time and time again. The #1 thing that has helped me change this pattern and start accomplishing my resolutions and goals is accountability. Being apart of a group or having a specific person that is holding me accountable, check in with me and shutting down the excuses.

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7 Ways to Boost Your Morning Routine

Let’s be honest, most of our mornings look similar to this:

You roll over and turn off your alarm, which is usually your phone. You quickly check Facebook,
Instagram, email etc. before your eyes are even actually open. Then, you wander into the kitchen and make your coffee or tea. At some point, you head to the bathroom, take a shower and get on with your day.

Maybe you wake up when the kids wake you up by jumping in your bed or crying. You rush to take care of them, feed and clothe them and an hour later you still look and feel like you rolled out of bed.

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Natural Skin Care: What Essential Oils to Use Based On Your Skin Type

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and it is important to take good care of it using natural, powerful products like essential oils. Essential oils can be used to help promote clean, smooth, and healthy-looking skin.

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Handling Heartbreak

Heartbreak is something we all go through and it shows up in different ways for each of us at different points in our lives.  Maybe it's the sickness of a family member, loss of someone close to you or the end of a relationship....... It doesn't matter how heartbreak shows up, its heartbreak.  Even if we have the best support system in the world heartbreak can feel so isolating and hopeless.  

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