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I have recently been seeing and reading a lot information about just how toxic some sun blocks can be.  The Environmental Working Group (EWG) published their 2014 guide to safe sunscreens. They reviewed over 2000 sunscreens and over 257 brands. They found more than 75% of the sunscreens contained toxic chemicals that can increase your risk of certain skin conditions and other health issues.

CNN just published an article about how research shows that Sunscreen entered bloodstream after just one day of use. This article goes on to talk about how there is some concern over the chemicals found in sun screen and how much can be found in the blood stream, however it continues on to state that it is still important to wear sunscreen. Scott Faber, senior vice president for the government affairs at Environmental Working Group, or EWG was quoted in the article saying, "It's not news that things that you put on your skin are absorbed into the body," Faber said. "This study is the FDA's way of showing sunscreen manufacturers they need to do the studies to see if chemical absorption poses health risks." Want to read the full article, click HERE.

To be clear here I am not telling you all of this to say don't wear sunscreen, I am just saying find a better one! I have a few brands I personally trust as well as a DIY recipe that I really like. I will share each of these with you!  

I wanted to give you an idea of what I avoid in my sunblock. Here are some chemicals to look for in your current sun block that can be unsafe.  Check it out, you might be surprised what you find!

all natural skin care that actually works using doterra essential oils

List of Unsafe, Toxic Chemicals in Sunscreen

  • Para amino benzoic acid

  • Octyl salicyclate

  • Oxybenzone

  • Cinoxate

  • Dioxybenzone

  • Phenylbenzimidazole

  • Homosalate

  • Menthyl anthranilate

  • Octocrylene

  • Methoxycinnamate

  • Parabens

Click HERE to find more information on this from the EWG.

DIY projects can be a lot of fun, but they are only helpful if they actually work! Thankfully this DIY project actually does work!!! The essential oils included in this recipe have natural SPF qualities however the real magic is in the carrier oil. You can change your carrier oil for the level of SPF you would like.  Check out this chart below to see which carrier oils have what SPF.

What you need:

  • 4 oz spray bottle

  • 15 drops of doTERRA Helichrysum

  • 20 drops of doTERRA Lavender

  • 5 drops of doTERRA Myrrh

  • Carrier Oil of your choice (click HERE to see my favorites under DIY Supplies)

Simply add your essential oils into the spray bottle and fill with your carrier oil. Make sure you shake before each use.  I chose coconut oil because it was handy and I don't burn very easily so an SPF of 2-8 is great for me.  I plan to make a second batch with Raspberry Seed Oil from the health food store this weekend.  That will give me well over an SPF of 28-50.  Feel free to be creative with the essential oils you add, however know that three I added are specifically for their natural sun protection.  DO NOT add citrus oils as they make us more sensitive to the sun.

natural carrier oils with SPF qualities

Maybe you are over there thinking that this all sounds nice, but in reality you are NEVER going to actually make your own sunblock. Let me tell you something really honest………I don’t like to either! Don’t worry, I have found two brands I truly trust and use all the time!

The first sun block I love is Beauty counters. They have a lotion and a spray on, I prefer to lotion, there is just something about spray sunblocks I don’t trust lol. However, I understand many moms out there love it! If you want to check out their all natural sun block click HERE.

The other company I really trust is Eminence. They have a facial day cream I really like. Click HERE to check that one out.

At the end of the day I just hope you do your research and only put things on our skin that you are ok with soaking into you body and blood stream. Please read the ingredients and do your research to help keep you and your family safe. One of my favorite apps is the EWG healthy living app. It helps you learn more about the ingredients in your products. Happy healthy sun block time!!!!

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