Ready To Get Back Into Those Skinny Jeans?


Are you cloths feeling a little extra snug after the holidays? All the good food with family and friends can add up pretty fast. Are you ready to kickstart your metabolism and lose those extra pounds? I am going to give you a very simple, yet very effective trick to help you get back into those skinny jeans!

First I recommend before you start doing a couple things. Find your favorite pair of pants that doesn’t quit fit right. Snap some pictures in those jeans. I also recommend you weigh yourself before you start this skinny jeans challenge. You are going to want to be consistent for 90 days, however many people are seeing results after just two weeks.

The pre challenge weight and pictures are important, because when we are living in our bodies we don’t tend to see the small daily changes, but when we can look back and see where we started it helps us see all of our success!

You are going to take two drops each of Yarrow | Pom, Frankincense, Turmeric, Pink Pepper and Black Pepper internally morning and night. I take mine either under my tongue or in a veggie cap. Honestly Turmeric tastes kind of horrible so veggie cap is a better idea. So why do we include these oils?

  • Yarrow Pom helps to boost the metabolism by acting as a natural diuretic while assisting the body in breaking down fat.

  • Pink Pepper is know to naturally support the Metabolism helping it to function more optimally

  • Black Pepper aides in digestion of food.

  • Turmeric and Frankincense act to naturally support healthy inflammation cycles in the body, which helps to improve our over digestive function!

Skinny Jeans.png

I also recommend taking Lifelong Vitality Pack daily, 2 of each in the am, 2 of each in the pm to support overall nutrition and health. Lifelong Vitality Pack supports a healthy digestive system as well as energy levels and sleep which are all important for a healthy metabolism.


Want to supercharge your weight loss? Add in Mito2Max, 2 capsules twice a day.

This supplement is designed to help support your stamina and endurance by working on the cellular level supporting your mitochondria. So why is this helpful for weightless? Acetyl L-Carnitine is a main ingredient in Mito2Max and it helps to transport the fat into the mitochondria so it can be burned for energy.

This supplement is going to give you natural, healthy energy and help your body burn fat! It’s a win win!

So, now you know the simple secret to support your metabolism and get back into those skinny jeans. Obviously you can't just take a couple supplements and oils and continue on with unhealthy habits and realistically expect to lose weight, but when these tricks are added to a healthy lifestyle you should see a wonderful benefit of some excess pounds and stubborn weight falling off!

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