Creating A Vision Board

Creating A VisionBoard
Creating A VisionBoard

Have you ever taken the time to create a vision board? For the last couple years I did what I thought I was suppose to and I created and vision board and I hung it up next to my bed.  I look at it every night and every morning....the only problem was it didn't really make me happy, it didn't get me excited.  I just thought I was broken maybe! Turns out there are some really important yet simple steps to follow when making a vision board that I was not doing.

The interesting thing is even though I didn't really find joy or excitement in those vision boards I found that many of the things actually became reality.  Just by putting that vision out there and focusing on it I was moving in the direction of my goals, hopes and dreams.  How cool!  Obviously if you just tape things up on a board and don't take any discernible actions you will most likely not reach your goals.  'Vision without action is merely a dream,' Joel Barker'

As we close out 2016 and get ready to launch into 2017 I find it is a great time to sit down and start creating your vision, start creating your 2017 vision board to be exact.


So how do you create a vision board and how do you use your vision board?

Before we even get started what is 'Vision'?  It is pretty simple, vision is the picture of where we want to go.  It is telling your GPS what the destination is.  The great thing about vision is when you want to give up, vision can help keep you on track.  So let's get started casting our visions.

Get Clear

Get clear on your intentions, what are your goals and feelings you are chasing.  So many times I hear people say      things like, 'when I have more money I will be happy,' or 'when I get a new job I will be happy.'  So what are you really after, do you really think a bank account without a zero balance or a new job will truly make you happy? Or are you after the feeling of being truly happy. Basically what I am saying is dig deeper then just the superficial.  What are you actually after?  Do you want to feel secure in your financial situation? Content and fulfilled in your job?  Dig deep and get to the bottom of the feelings you truly want and why.  Here is the hard part, grab a pen and actually jot them down!

Get Your Supplies Together

  • Poster board, Journal, Cork Board
  • Pens/Markers
  • Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Magazines or books that can be cut up.  I found great things in HGTV, Yoga Journal, Shape, Cosmopolitan.  I find it harder with tabloid magazines.

Create the Right Environment 

I love sitting on the floor so for me I cleared out room for all my supplies. Made a cup of tea, turned on my essential oil diffuser and salt lamp with some music that makes me smile all while relaxing me.  Try and create a space that allows you to dream and feel comfortable.  It can be a lot of fun to do this with some girlfriends.  You can help each other out and have a great time.

Find Your Dreams and Goals

It is time to flip through your magazines and start cutting out any imagine that sparks joy in your heart or words that resonate with you.  Have fun with it, just keep cutting till you feel like you have more then enough and you have covered your visions on  your list from the first step.  It's ok if you can't find something for everything you wrote.  I will show you how you can still make it work in a second.

Time To Create

Now that we have all of our cut outs start arranging them on your board.  I recommend laying them out first and then when you are happy you can start to glue them down.  For me I like to kind of section off my boards.  For instance the bottom right corner might be about fitness and my health and the top left corner might be pictures or words about traveling.  This works for me and may not work for you and that is ok.  Do what makes you feel happy and inspired.

One thing to be very careful of is not putting things up on your board that invoke negative feelings.  Here are a couple of examples.  Saying something like getting out of debt makes you feel bad and negative, while saving money makes you feel positive and happy.  Separate myself from drama has me focusing on the drama I want away from, while attack a new tribe makes me excited about what and who I am attacking into my life.  I hope you can see the difference.  Stay with the positive emotions!

Hang Up Your Vision Board

You just spent all of this time creating your vision board, I beg you please don't go hide your visions in the closet.  They will feel sad.  I hand mine right next to my bed.  Before I turn the light out at the end of the day I look it over and smile and I do the same thing each morning.  Maybe for you, it makes more sense to hang it by your desk or in the room you work out in.  Just find a place that you will see it multiple times per day.

If hanging it up for the world to see makes you feel to vulnerable or out there you can keep it folded up next to your bed and open it up to look at it each day.  Just please don't hide it from yourself!

Get Started

What can you get started on right away?  Grab a pen and a piece of paper and jot down some things you can start working on right away.  Want to feel happier? Make an effort to smile and do something that makes you happy.  Eat healthier? Write your next shopping list and make sure you add some healthy options you enjoy.  Get the idea? It doesn't have to be huge.....maybe your goal is hike Machu Picchu? Are you going to hang your vision board today and be hiking tomorrow?  Most likely not, but you can go take a 20 minute walk to started training.  Create a plan of action and get moving.

Getting Stuck?

It is ok, it happens to all of us.  This is the hard part you have to work through.  When you feel resistance or feel stuck on a certain piece of your vision board sit down and think about it.  Get to the bottom of why you are feeling stuck.  Do you feel like you don't deserve it? You are not good enough?  You don't know how to even start?  Well if you can figure out how you are feeling you can figure out a baby step right?  Get on the phone with a good friend or start brain dumping in your journal.  Just do anything other then dwell on the feeling of being stuck.


Have fun making your vision board!!!!! Post a picture in the comments when you are done :) I would love to see them!