My Personal Travel Tips


My Personal Travel Tips

In my life I have traveled a lot!  When I turned 18 I started traveling around the country teaching cheerleading camps with National Cheerleading Association.  At times I was gone for 20 days straight.  That takes a lot of planning.

Then at 24 I decided to move across the country from my family from New York to California.  This meant a lot of cross country trips to stay close with my parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Lately I have building my doTERRA essential oils business.  This has been bouncing me around the country to support my team.  Thankfully I love to travel and have gotten really good at packing and preparing for the airport.  As I sit here today in the Chicago airport waiting for my connect home to San Diego, I decided to share some of my favorite tips with you.

  • Make your carry on easy to carry and ensure it has a zipper to keep your items secure. I prefer a backpack.  It is more even for you to carry so it won’t irritate your back like carrying a purse on one side for a long day.  It also helps keep your hands open to you can have your ticket handy or grab a snack easy.
  • Bring an empty water bottle with you. Water and drinks are so over priced in the airport and as long as your water bottle is empty you can bring it in.  Most airports are equip now with fancy water bottle fill stations!
  • Don’t waste money on food. I have a soft cooler I take on longer flights and on shorter ones I pack snacks right in my backpack.  Some great snack ideas.
    1. Pack bread or rolls, prep your sandwich meat and cheese and wrap it in parchment paper. Bring a plastic knife and packets of the condiments you like with napkins.  When you’re in the air make your sandwich and that way it won’t be soggy.
    2. Fresh Fruit is always a good choice and it holds up well without being kept cool.
    3. I love traveling with deep jerky or dried fruit as well. Easy to travel and don’t get crushed
  • Pack an extra pair of underwear and/or bathing suit in your carryon depending where you are going. This way if something happens with your luggage you still feel fresh.
  • Always Pack a sweater! I don’t care how warm it is or if you are always hot! There is always that really cold seat on the plane. You will be miserable if you are freezing the entire time.  Worst case if you use it as a pillow on the plane.

I hope some of my tips can help you in your future travels.