Need More Energy? Top 10 Tips To Increase Your Energy Naturally!

need more energy? top 10 tips to increase your energy naturally.

I regularly hear people talking about how tired they are, how they just don’t get enough sleep, or they don’t sleep well. I even hear a lot of people say that they sleep really well, but still feel tired. Today I want to share with you my top 10 tips to naturally increase your energy. If you have ever met me in person you know that energy is not something I really ever struggle to have enough of lol. So let’s dive in!!!

1. Take Quality Supplements

Even if we eat really healthy, our food is simply lacking in the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to function optimally. Let me first say that prior to doTERRA’s life long vitality pack I WAS NOT a believer in supplements. They never did anything for me. I was extremely skeptical when i first started talking the life long vitality pack, but I can say they have changed almost every aspect of my life specifically energy. Since taking the lifelong vitality pack I actually stopped drinking caffeine!!!!

So, because the average diet is lacking in nutrients, it is important to take a daily supplement such as the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack. If you are still struggling with energy even with the lifelong vitality pack, I recommend adding in doTERRA’s Mito2Max®. Mito2Max is the energy and stamina complex and is designed to help the body produce more natural energy without any jitters or crash!

2. Workout Midday

Most people are aware that working out helps you alleviate stress and anxiety. However, instead of working out earlier or later in the day, try working out mid-afternoon. Studies suggest that working out at this time can increase your productivity—making the time away from the office worth it.

So take a walk outside on your lunch break. Do you quick little yoga flow at your office. Heck, even google the 7 minute workout and do that in the middle of your day. I bet you can get some co-workers to hop in on the fun with you!

3. Stretch and Breathe

Deep breathing from the diaphragm can help get your blood flowing. It actually helps your body to absorb more oxygen has been shown to be one of the best things for decreasing stress. I love taking one drop each of Wild Orange and Peppermint in my hands and breathing it in for 3-5 long deep breaths. Not only does the breathing help with energy, but the peppermint does also!

Stretching helps reenergize your muscles and your mind to fight off any anxiety that may be creeping in. It gets the blood flowing, and helps relieve aches and pains. Want a simple stretching routine you can do at home or at work? Click HERE to check out a short stretching protocol I recorded for you.

4. Invigorate with Essential Oils

Seriously diffusing essential oils is a must for me! It helps to keep my mood uplifted during the day and helps me to sleep at night better. Let’s talk about using them for energy and uplifting. Diffusing any citrus essential oil is shown to help uplift and improve your mood, while Frankincense, Peppermint, and Rosemary are beneficial in invigorating the senses. Play around with different combos and see what works best for you!

5. Go Outside

ahhhhhhhhhh, outside!!!! Simply breathing in fresh air for 20 minutes can change both your energy levels and mood for the better. It also means you get that crucial amount of sun exposure to keep your vitamin D levels up. So schedule in that 20 minutes and get out side.

6. Eat Smaller, More Frequent Meals

Food is most importantly our body’s fuel, and when you start to get hungry your mood and level of activity can quickly decline. Eating large meals can drain our energy as our bodies have to work so hard to digest the food. To keep off hunger pangs, eat healthier, smaller meals more often.

7. Get an Aromatouch®

The invigorating effects of the AromaTouch Technique essential oil application can help you re-center and reduce stress. Reach out to me or the person that helped you get started with essential oils if you want to learn more about getting an Aromatouch. The best way I can describe it is an essential oil massage like technique.

8. Stay Hydrated

Water! You have probably heard me talk about drinking enough water so many times you are sick of it, but I always bring it up because it is sooooo important. It’s important to keep water in your system. Our bodies require at a minimum that we drink half our bodies weight in ounces daily. I love adding citrus oils such as lemon, lime or grapefruit to my water. Oh and stay away from sugary drinks that can actually dehydrate you more.

9. Get a Good Night's Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? Most adults I talk to simply are not getting enough sleep. Your body does a lot during sleep, including healing and rejuvenating. Be sure to get plenty of rest—for adults seven to nine hours is the recommended amount.

Check out doTERRA’s serenity sleep combo to help improve your sleep. It is scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep better and wake up more rested.

10. Take a Power Nap

If you are really struggling with energy a quick power nap might do the trick. Taking a long nap might seem like the answer, but it really can set you back for the rest of the day and keep you from sleeping during the night. Instead, take a quick midday power nap of around 10–20 minutes.

Now don’t go and try and add everything into your schedule. Pick 1-2 things at a time and start incorporating them! I would start at the top of the list and work your way down. Make sure you reach out with any questions and I hope one day you find as much energy as I have :)

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