Ready to Start or Advance Your Yoga Practice From The Comfort Of Your Own Home?

Yoga for me was a HUGE component of my healing both physically and emotionally following my accident ten years ago. My practice has been with me every step of the way and I am so grateful for the lessons it has taught me both on and off of the mat. I can honestly say that I believe everyone would benefit from some amount of yoga in their lives to help with both physical and emotional stress. So what was the journey back to yoga like? Well like I mentioned it all started with my accident.

natural wellness tips alignment based yoga series.

It was a quite Monday morning, I hopped on my bike to ride home and crossed an intersection I had crossed many times before when.........BAM, I was hit my a car who's driver was distracted.  This Monday in the summer of 2009 changed my life forever.  I suffered multiple back injuries and my health was taken away from me in a moment.  I struggled with depression, anxiety, pain, weight, digestive health.......honestly I struggled to simply function.  

For eight months I worked with doctors, took every medication they recommend and I just kept spiraling downward.  Even after I stopped taking the medications and chose to just live in pain, my health kept deteriorating.  I knew I wanted to get healthy, but I had no idea where to start.  During this time I started and stopped so many things.  I would find a workout routine and be consistent for a short time and then burn out, or I would start eating healthy and then I would fall off. 

Yoga for me was the one thing exercise wise that finally stuck. I think for me that was because it was more then just physical.  It filled my cup spiritually and emotionally as well.   

I began to find myself on my mat as often as possible and shortly after I enrolled in a  teacher training to become a yoga instructor.  This was the perfect opportunity to deepen my personal practice and combine my passion for yoga with my knowledge as a physical therapist and share this all with others.  I have now been teaching yoga for over seven years.

What I often hear from my students is that they really enjoy how I break the poses down so they understand who and what their bodies should be doing. Honestly it is a ton of fun for me to see my students progress in their yoga practice and do so safely.

I decided that my students and any other yogi or future yogi out there could benefit from learning yoga poses in the comfort of their own home and then being able to take those skills onto their mats at their yoga classes. So I created my Yoga Series!!!

perfect your vinyasa flow with this free download

When you go to a vinyasa yoga class, the vinyasa flow, plank, low plank, up dog to down dog is a sequence that is repeated often and very commonly done wrong making us more susceptible to injuries. As a gift for you I have put together a short video and e-book that walks you through how to properly do a vinyasa flow and all of the variations you can use. Click the button below to grab your free download now, and right after you grab your download you can learn more about my awesome new yoga program. It is broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can grab one individual level or a bundle of all three. I hope you check it out.

I hope you check out this new amazing yoga series and begin to advance your yoga practice from the comfort of your own home!!!

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