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Did You Say 15% Off???

Just when I thought doTERRA was being over the top nice with FREE Frankincense for anyone who orders 200 PV (point value) in products this month they surprise us 15% some of my absolute favorite products for immune support and healthy bodies!!! This is a good through Saturday December 22nd, 2018! Let me show you what you can stock up on for 15% off this week :)

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Diffusers 101: How to choose a diffuser plus proper care instructions

Diffusing is one of the most popular ways to use essential oils and it makes sense because it has so many benefits! Diffusing can help to affect the mood, improve the aroma in a room without harmful toxins and even cleanse the air. There is just so much to know, which diffuser, which oils, how to take care of your diffusers. Well today I am going to lay it all out for you :) Then you will have a resource for all this great info :)

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How to Make Roller Bottles

Have you heard me talk about essential oil roller bottles? Not sure how to make them or even where to start? Check out this great blog post to learn how to make your own roller bottle blends.

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