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Why September is the Time to Refocus on Your Goals!

September has always been a very powerful month for me! It always feels like there is a shift in energy as we move into the last portion of the year. The seasons begin to change as do our schedules. Fall trickles in, the stores fill up with halloween and holiday decorations. I also find this is the time when we either make a decision to keep pushing toward our goals for the year or we give up!

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Top Tricks to Feeling Healthier in 30 Days!

I often get asked essential oils do I use on a daily basis? Well after using doTERRA’s products for five years the short story every product that can be is doTERRA in my house. So I use A LOT of products each day. However, I don’t think that is what people are really asking me. I think you want to know what oils and supplements I use daily to keep myself healthy. So, I have decided today I will give you a sneak peak at my daily habits.

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