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Top 2 Tips For Cleansing Your Home Of Negative Energy

Our homes should be our sacred space. When you walk in the doors you should feel safe and at peace. Just as we physical clean our homes it is important to energetically cleanse our homes. Now I know to many of you I sound a bit crazy……..I know this because just five years ago if I was reading this I would have thought whoever was writing it was a bit crazy! So let me just get to my point.

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Top 3 Tricks For Dry Cracked Heels!

Dry cracked heels are not only annoying but they are also painful! They can be caused by anything from weather, dehydration or even fungal infections. Do you pile on lotion day after day and it doesn’t seem to get any better? Don’t worry i am going to teach you 3 tried and true recipes using doTERRA essential oils that will help you get rid of those dry painful cracked heels for good.

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Ready To Get Back Into Those Skinny Jeans?

Are you cloths feeling a little extra snug after the holidays? All the good food with family and friends can add up pretty fast. Are you ready to kickstart your metabolism and lose those extra pounds? I am going to give you a very simple, yet very effective trick to help you get back into those skinny jeans!e

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