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Ready to Start or Advance Your Yoga Practice From The Comfort Of Your Own Home?

Yoga for me was a HUGE component of my healing both physically and emotionally following my accident ten years ago. My practice has been with me every step of the way and I am so grateful for the lessons it has taught me both on and off of the mat. I can honestly say that I believe everyone would benefit from some amount of yoga in their lives to help with both physical and emotional stress. So what was the journey back to yoga like? Well like I mentioned it all started with my accident.

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Top 2 Tips For Cleansing Your Home Of Negative Energy

Our homes should be our sacred space. When you walk in the doors you should feel safe and at peace. Just as we physical clean our homes it is important to energetically cleanse our homes. Now I know to many of you I sound a bit crazy……..I know this because just five years ago if I was reading this I would have thought whoever was writing it was a bit crazy! So let me just get to my point.

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Please Don't Get Sick!

I feel like everyone I talk to is either getting sick, just getting over being sick or taking care of a sick family member!!!! Please don’t get sick! Let me give you some of my favorite tricks both with and without essential oils to keep your immune system strong and help you feeling your best through this season of illness.

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