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Please Don't Get Sick!

I feel like everyone I talk to is either getting sick, just getting over being sick or taking care of a sick family member!!!! Please don’t get sick! Let me give you some of my favorite tricks both with and without essential oils to keep your immune system strong and help you feeling your best through this season of illness.

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How to DIY Holiday Gifts Even If You Are Not Crafty

Have you been trying to figure out what to give to some of the amazing people in your life for the holidays and not sure what to give them? It’s time to DIY some holiday gifts using your essential oils as a great option to give to family, friends, kid’s teachers, co-workers and more. Today I am going to break down some of my favorite do it yourself essential oil gift ideas!

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Sore Throat? #1 Best Natural Remedy

As we move into Fall I have been hearing alot from people who are dealing with sore throats so I wanted to put together some of my favorite tips and tricks for that! You see I have polyps on my vocal cords…..if you ever hear me speak you will hear that raspiness in voice. Since I have these polyps I am much more prone to a sore throat so I know all of the tricks!!!

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