The Number One Trick To Help Aches and Pains

the number one trick using natural products and essential oils to help with aches and pains.

So what is this number one trick? It is simple!!!! It is doTERRA’s Deep Blue Products. Many of us deal with occasional aches and pains for all different reasons. Injuries, long term issues, work outs, sleeping wrong, growing pains. We all need some relief and support for our bodies at times. I could sit here and tell you all about the benefits of deep blue and what’s in the blend and why you should absolutely be using it, however I figured you might be sick of hearing from me!!!! Let’s hear from some other amazing people who swear by deep blue for themselves and their families. Check out some of the cool testimonials I have collected for you!

natural essential oil relief for carpal tunnel pain

I use it for my carpal tunnel.  I take a drop or two of the deep blue oil and apply it to my wrists and then I add deep blue rub on top and massage it in.  When my wrists were bad I was doing this 3-4 times a day.  I then began taking the deep blue polyphenol complex one capsule, two times a day.  Now I only need the oil and rub in the evenings before bed.  

Alina - California

I helped my elderly aunt with leg pain using essential oils

I have an elderly uncle and aunt who live in an assisted living facility.  They both have a lot of aches and discomfort, specifically my aunt who was dealing with swelling in her legs and is having to wear compression socks each day. I applied the deep blue to my aunts legs and rubbed it in before putting the compression socks on and she said it was the first time that she didn’t cry while someone helped her put her compression socks on.  Now my aunt and uncle use deep blue daily to help with their pain.  

Pat - Florida

I used essential oils to help relieve my sciatic pain within minutes.

This morning I woke up with THE worst discomfort in my back and down my leg. I mean all the way down to my toes. I started to reach for the muscle relaxing meds. Then I remembered that I have the deep blue oil. 
Now I need to be honest... I still (even after almost a year) have moments of hesitation where I feel like there’s no way that an oil is going to be able to help________ (fill in the blank. Today that blank) but OH MY GOODNESS. I had my husband gently rub just 3 or 4 drops with a little coconut oil on my low back and up my spine a little. Then I did a few light yoga stretches. You guys that was at 9:15 this morning. Within a half an hour I felt almost back to my normal. And it’s now 6.5 hrs later (and I haven’t reapplied) and I’m still going strong. I did some shopping. Played with my 10 month old baby. Went out to lunch. Completely forgot about that fact that I even had pain at all. The only reason I remembered now, was that I smelled the deep blue again randomly and I was like “OH Ya. I was hating life this morning... and I forgot all about it....” 

Alicia - California

I am so grateful for my essential oils to help with my pain

Whenever I am having a flareup from my ongoing joint and muscle discomfort, my go to is deep blue rub. It immediately releases the discomfort and tension and gives me comfort. If the pain is a little more severe I will first roll on the pain bomb (10 drops each Copaiba, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Marjoram and Deep Blue in a 10 mL roller bottle fill with FCO) then I will cover with deep blue rub. Our whole family uses it, my son for sore legs from soccer, my daughter for growing pains and my husband for sore muscles from work. It’s a life saver!!

Lori - California

You guys! This stuff is incredible!!!!! When I first was introduced to deep blue I used it for my back following my accident. Now, because my back is doing so great and I have a pretty intense workout routine, I use it after my workouts to help with muscle and joint recovery. It was amazing to have on my ski trip a couple weeks ago. I just can’t say enough good things about deep blue!!! I hope you enjoyed reading what other amazing people have to say about deep blue :)

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