The Science Behind Essential Oils (I promise its not boring!)

the science behind doterra essential oils

Do you ever wonder why your essential oils work? Or maybe you are like me and you love research. I want to know the science behind things!!!! I get that my oils work, but why??? Well good news for us there are scientists both inside of doTERRA and out that are researching these amazing bottle of oils that are changing many of our lives in such positive ways.

I decided today that I wanted to share a little bit of that science with you!

doterra essential oils science blog

The first thing I want to show you is doTERRA’s science blog. They have conveniently organized all kinds of information in one simple place for us and they have it broken down into research news, health & wellness, and science for kids. Click HERE to check it out!

I mentioned a team of scientists at doTERRA…which they have a HUGE team of scientists. However, they also have a team of 10 doctors who sit on the medical advisory board. These doctors work hard to ensure the information that is being shared is safe and effective. Want to check out some of the amazing doctors on the advisory board? Click HERE!

aromatic plant research center

Outside of doTERRA there is some amazing research happening as well. APRC (aromatic plant research center) provides uncompromising research, analysis, and testing services to the medical, university, and broader essential oil community around the world. APRC is comprised of some of the most incredible researchers in the essential oil world. Want to check out what they are up to? Click HERE.

I share this with each of you so you know that there is so much more to these essential oils then nice smells. They are truly changing the world and changing the face of heath care. Even if you don’t shift through and read all of this cool stuff, just knowing it exists is powerful! You can always come back to this blog and find this information! Below and I am going to share some more specific links to research incase it interests you!

Papers specifically listing doTERRA

Papers listing essential oils

Study done on Life Long Vitality Supplements from doTERRA

Papers specifically listing doTERRA

Papers specifically listing joint discomfort and doterra essential oils:

Papers specifically listing anxious feelings and doterra essential oils:

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