Does Someone In Your House Keep You up at Night? Essential Oils for a better Snooze

Does someone in your house breathe loudly when sleeping?  When I started using essential oils there were two people that did in my house and as much as I like to pretend one was not me,  I use to be pretty loud when I was sleeping!!!  When you don't breath well when sleeping you don't sleep as well and you can even have a sore throat in the morning, not to mention you may be keeping up someone else in your home. Well I am happy to say that this amazing oil, The Respiratory Blend can help with this problem.  It does just what the name tells you and helps open up your airways so you can breathe :) Here is how you use it,

  • Put a drop or two on the pillow case (I like to do a drop of Respiratory Blend and a drop of Lavender)
  • Apply topically to your chest or under your nose (use a carrier oil if you have sensitive skin)
  • Make a spray bottle with some distilled water and the Respiratory Blend to spray your room before bed
  • Diffuse in your bedroom at night to help promote restful sleep

I hope this simple tip helps you and those in your home find a quite nights sleep :)

Please contact me if you have any questions,