Ear Aches? Soothe with this Essential Oils Hack


Ear Aches Got You Down?

I keep hearing about ear aches and ear discomfort.  I thought I would highlight some great tips for you so you are prepared the next time these issues pop up!

First of all, avoid applying essential oils, both neat and diluted, directly into ears. Essential oils really shouldn’t be put inside of an ear.

Below you will find 3 recipes.  Each should provide some quick relief and long-term support to the symptoms.


1) Cottom Ball Remedy


•    2-3 drops of the one or a mixture of the following oils (Basil, Roman chamomile, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary, Melaleuca) I prefer one each Basil, Lavender, and melaleuca but work with what you have!

•    1 cotton ball


•    Apply essential oils onto the cotton ball

•    Place in the external opening of the ear

•    Repeat 3 times per day, or as needed

2) Hot Compress


•    3-5 drops lavender and/or chamomile

•    hot, soaked cloth


•    Soak your cloth in very hot water, ringing out the excess

•    Drop your essential oils onto the hot cloth

•    Apply gently to the affected ear as often as desired

3.) Ear Relief Roller Bottle Blend


  •  10 mL roller bottle
  •  2-5 drops lavender 2-5 drops basi
  •  2-5 drops basil
  •  2-5 drops melaleuca
  •  Fill with carrier oil (I prefer Fractionated Coconut Oil)


•    Combine ingredients in a 10 mL roller  bottle

•    Gently roll on and massage around the painful area

•    Apply twice daily or more if desired

I hope you these tips help you to care for you and your family next time this strikes!!!