Essential Oils and Your Emotions

Essential oils can have a large impact on your emotions. Many of us think of them in the realm of physical support and it takes us some time to really dive in and learn about how they support us emotionally.  Today I have decided to share how some of our most popular essential oils can help you emotionally! I hope you enjoy and learn something new :) The information I am sharing can be found in 'Emotions and Essential Oils.'

Lemon (The Oil of Focus): Lemon essential oil 'nourishes the mind and aids in concentration.'  Lemon can help your child if they are struggling with school.  It helps you to be mentally present by focusing on one thing at a time.  It dispels confusion and bestows clarity and can even counterbalance mental fatigue due to too much studying or reading.    It is especially helpful in cases of learning disorders.  Lemon clears self-judgment about learning such as "I'm dumb" or "I am not a good student."  It calms fears and insecurities while restoring confidence in the self.

  • Practical Uses:  Add to your water throughout the day, Diffuse during homework times

Lavender (The Oil of Communication): Lavender aides in verbal expression.  it calms the insecurities that are felt when one risks their true thoughts and feelings.  Lavender addresses a deep fear of being seen and heard.  Individuals in need of Lavender hid within, blocking all forms of true self-expression.  While they may even be going through the motions of outward expression, they are actually holding back their innermost thoughts and feelings.  The expression is not connected to the heart or soal.  Lavender supports individuals in releasing the tension and constriction that stems from fear of expressing one's self.  Due to past experiences, they may believe it is not safe to express themselves.  The true self is therefore trapped within and goes unexpressed.  Strong feelings of being unlovable, unimportant or unheard can accompany this condition.

Lavender encourages emotional honesty and insists that one speak their innermost thoughts and desires.  As individuals learn to communicate their deepest thoughts and feelings they are liberated from their self-inflicted prison.  It is through open and honest communication that an individual experiences unconditional love and acceptance.  Through Lavender's courageous spirit, one is free to share their True Self with others.

  • Practical Uses:  Apply over your throat before a difficult conversation or as needed.  Diffuse throughout the day.

Peppermint (The Oil of a Buoyant Heart): Peppermint brings joy and buoyancy o the heart and soul.  TI invigorates body, mind, and spirit and reminds individuals that life can be happy and there is nothing to fear.  Ti lifts an individual out of their emotional trails for a short reprieve.  When an individual uses Peppermint, they feel as though they are gliding through life.  it assists in staying on the surface of emotional issues like a water skier on a lake.  The power of Peppermint can be felt most in times of discouragement or depression.  When the individual is disheartened, they may use peppermint to re-discover the joy of being alive.

  • Practical Uses: Add a drop of Peppermint to your water, Take a drop of Peppermint in your hands and breathe it in, add peppermint to your diffuser.

Melaleuca (The Oil Of Energetic Boundaries): Melaleuca helps to clear negative energetic baggage.  It specifically releases codependent and parasitic relationships.  These toxic relationships may be with people, microorganisms in the physical body, or spiritual beings.  The individual may feel drained of life force and energy, but they may not be consciously aware of the source of this energy leakage.  Melaleuca helps break the negative ties in these kinds of relationships so that new, healthy connections may be formed that honor one's personal space and boundaries.  Melaleuca encourages an individual to relinquish all forms of self-betrayal, including allowing others to take advantage of one's time, energy or talents; letting others feed on one's energy; not standing up for oneself' or feeling responsible for the problems of others.

  • Practical Uses: Apply a drop over your heart daily and repeat as needed (dilute if you have sensitive skin)

Frankincense (The Oil of Truth): Frankincense reveals deceptions and false truths.  it invites individuals to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions and negativity.  This oil helps create new perspectives based on light and truth.  Frankincense recalls to memory spiritual understanding, gifts, wisdom, and knowledge the soul brought into this world.  Frankincense supports in creating a healthy attachment with one's father.  When one has felt abandoned or forgotten, Frankincense reminds them that they are loved and protected.  Frankincense shields the body and soul from negative influences and assists the soul in its spiritual evolution.

  • Practical Uses: Take a drop under your tongue daily and repeat as needed.  Apply to the bottom of your feet before yoga, prayer or meditation, diffuse when feeling abandoned or disconnected.

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