Fun Essential Oil Swag!

We get asked regularly where do we get our essential oil roller bottles, the cool labels, carrying cases etc. So I decided today that I would share with you some of the incredible sites you can use to shop for awesome essential oil swag!

Whimsy & Wellness is a gorgeous store to take your essential oil usage to a STYLISH LEVEL. By incorporating the use of GEMSTONES with our essential oils, we are intertwining the frequencies among them and accentuating the EFFECTS WE ARE LOOKING FOR. Plus, they look BEAUTIFUL! This shop also has labels for making your own blends and super fun carrying cases for taking your oils on the go!

Click HERE to visit HERE site on ETSY

Oil Life is the BEST PLACE to get all or your containers, both large and small, for all your essential oil usage and DIY projects. Oil Life has great books to expand your essential oil knowledge and they release a seasonal book of labels and recipes to make fun things that are applicable to the season. Their stuff is very nice, shipping is great and the prices are reasonable.

Click HERE to head to their site!

Easy Oil Solutions has everything from diffuser jewelry (the best you'll find around) to essential oil organizers, cases, labels and roller bottles... everything here is gorgeous, high quality and TOP NOTCH customer service!

Click HERE to check out the site!

And don't forget good old Amazon!!! Simply search Essential Oil Wooden Boxes, Essential Oil Roller Bottles, whatever you are looking for :) HERE is a link to the wooden box above!

I hope these little tricks for essential oil swag help you :)

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