Get rid of Grease Stains!

I hate when I get stains on my cloths but grease stains are the worst!  I can never get them out!!! Good news for you I have the simplest trick!

Right away when you realize that grease stain has arrived grab your lemon essential oil and apply a few drops to the area.  Gently rub it in and toss it in the wash as soon as you can.  Once you have washed it check to ensure the stain is out before drying it.  If it is not out, repeat the process.

Still not doing the trick, or maybe you didn't notice the stain till later? Grab you OnGuard Concentrate cleaner and apply that to the area with a drop of Lemon essential oil and gently rub together with a small amount of water.  Let it soak for 5-10 minutes and then throw in the wash.