Knots no more! DIY Hair Detangling Spray


Do you or your kiddo's have the worst tangled hair?  My Sister in Law and me just made the most amazing smelling and working hair detangled spray!  It works sooooo good and it's very easy to make.

What you Need: 

  • Glass Spray Bottle (we used 1 oz because thats what he had)
  • 4 Drops Lavender
  • 4 Drops Rosemary
  • 1 tsp Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Distilled Water

What to do:

  1. Add Oils to bottle
  2. Fill with Distilled Water
  3. Spray on hair and brush out

Lavender itself is very calming, so it may help your child relax as you brush out those knots.  Rosemary is great to supporting healthy hair and hair growth, while Fractionate Coconut Oil is Moisturizing for your hair.  I don't even get many knots and I think I am going to use this great combo.

Let me know if you would like more information on how you can get your hands on some amazing essential oils :)