Mood Management: Keep Emotions in Check with Essentials

We all at times have difficulty managing our mood.  We get over whelmed at work or with life or feel those occasional anxious feelings.  Since using essential oils I have been able to support my emotions and body through the use of these essential oils.

Are your feeling Angry, Impatient or are you experiencing occasional stomach discomfort and neck tension?  The Calming Blend can help you if your feeling Fatigued with No Peace.  This essential oil blend is calming, soothing, helps to support a reduction of cortisol and helps to ease nervous tension.

What about Unmotivated, Discouraged are you experiencing Brain Fog?  The Invigorating blend can help you if your feeling Fatigued or Passionless.  This essential oil blend is Invigorating and promotes physical energy.

How about feeling Hopeless, Withdrawn are you experiencing occasional tension?  The Joyful Blend can help when your feeling overwhelmed or Passionless.  This essential oil blend is inspiring, encouraging, and can invoke cheerful feelings.

Are you feeling Tense, Worries are you experiencing occasional Digestive Upset or Neck Tension?  The Grounding Blend can help if your having feelings of No Peace or Stressed.  This essential oil blend can help you feel grounded and balanced, it can be consoling, helps to rid feelings of anger, give you a positive attitude as well as release emotional blocks.

I personally diffuse these essential oils in my home depending on my mood or what I am dealing with on any given day.  I also diffuse nightly to help me sleep most commonly using the Calming blend and Grounding Blend.  If you would like to learn more about how to utilize these essential oils in your home or try a sample please contact me through this website.  I hope this Tips Tuesday helps you :)

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