The Essentials For Traveling

I have a lot of fun traveling coming up and I started thinking, What Essential Oils do I really need?  I am tempted to throw every product I have in my suitcase but is that really reasonable?  So I figured you all might have the same though process.  So here we go, I am going to try and tell you about just the Essentials!!!! Oh and might I add the very important detail of getting your oils through security.....its so easy :)  I literally just put my oil case through the scanner with all 60+ oils and go on my way.  I do not remove them and I take the full 15 mL size bottle without a hassle.  So travel away and don't worry.  I carry mine right on the plane!

So What Do You Need?

The Grounding Blend! Who doesn't need a little grounding when they are traveling?  It also helps support healthy circulation, I like to put a drop on each of my feet before a long flight or car ride.

The Protective Blend.  With all the strangers and cooties we encounter when we travel it's nice to have a little extra immune support.  The morning before I travel I always take 1-3 drops internally, if you have kids you can put an extra drop on their feet in the morning.

When I get on the airplane I like to clean my area with a little of the protective blend and even put a drop on my fan above me to help clean the air around me.  I always go a little crazy with this oil when I travel :)

The Digestive Blend: Well lets face it.  Many of us have Digestive issues when we travel.  I eat the majority of my meals at home and pack all my lunches and snacks, so when I am traveling and I have to eat out my stomach always gets a little upset with me.  That is why I don't leave the house without my Digestive Blend :)  It helps with occasional stomach discomfort we so often encounter when traveling.

The Soothing Blend: This is a must for me! I just put a little deep blue rub on my back and neck before I board a plane and reapply as needed.  I have never had anyone complain of the smell, actually I usually have people asking to borrow it :) Great to have on hand after a good hike or workout when you are away!

LemonLavender & Peppermint: I mean how could you not travel with these.  There are literally over 100 uses for these three oils.  Great to have on hand to help with seasonal discomfort. Lavender is great for after calming the skin.  I drink Lemon in my water every day!

The Calming Blend, The Respiratory Blend and my Diffuser: I don't know about you but I have trouble sleeping when I am not at home.  I always pack my diffuser and add two drops of the respiratory blend and two drops of the calming blend.  They help to calm my mind and support restful sleep.

These are just the Essentials!  I would be lying if I said it was all I brought with me, but if your packing for a trip these are the ones I would not forget :)

I hope you enjoy these natural solutions :) Contact me with any questions at