Essential Oils on Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day

I wanted to share with you some amazing essential oil DIY options to spice up your Valentines Day!  We don't always think to turn to our essential oils to spice up our love life, but I promise they work :)  Another leader in doTERRA put together these amazing photos for us and they were too good not to share!

Massage is always a romatic way to show some affection!  Try spicing up your message by giving this combo a try.  Geranium is a natural Libido booster for women, while Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, and Clary Sage are all Aphrodisiacs.

Want something a little spicier than the first massage oil blend?  Give this one a try.  The Black Pepper and Ginger will be naturally warming both acting as aphrodisiacs while the Ylang Ylang and Wild Orange act as Libido Boosters.  

Typing about this blend makes me blush but I will do it anyway!  The Let's Get It On blend.  I think the picture says it all!  Give it a try and I hope you enjoy.

Want to enhance a romatic mood?  Have this Love Potion whipped and ready to use.  Simply spray the bedsheets or your clothing when you want to enhance the mood!  A great combination of uplifting and aphrodisiac, it smells amazing!

Ladies, want something to help you get in the mood?  Make up this roller bottle and apply to your pressure points, behind your ears, back of your neck and on your lower abdomen.  Apply as needed :)

Don't worry guys! I have a blend for you too!  Whip up this blend and apply behind your neck, over your heart or on the small of your back.

Although I blushed while writing this whole post I hope you enjoy these tips and tricks :)

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