Want longer Eyelashes? The Essential Oils Trick

Boost Your Eyelashes

I don't think I have ever met a girl that was like, yes I love my eyelashes.  Actually, I have been noticing that eyelash extensions are really popular!!! I always look at those perfect eyelash extensions and imagine how great they would look on me and I never actually go and do them.  Honestly, I just don't trust myself with them lol.  I will find a way to ruin them.

So what I do instead is every time I get a new bottle of Mascara I add 3 drops of Lavender Essential Oil, 2 drops Rosemary to the tube and mix it up well.  Here is what this will do for you!

  • Extend the life of your Mascara
  • Strengthen & Volumize you lashes
  • Promotes natural lash growth

Who doesn't want all 3 of those?!?!?! Go ahead, give it a try :)

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