Top 2 Tips For Cleansing Your Home Of Negative Energy

Our homes should be our sacred space. When you walk in the doors you should feel safe and at peace. Just as we physical clean our homes it is important to energetically cleanse our homes. Now I know to many of you I sound a bit crazy……..I know this because just five years ago if I was reading this I would have thought whoever was writing it was a bit crazy! So let me just get to my point.

the top two tips for cleansing your home of negative enrgy

Our home collect energy from everything. Every person that steps into the home, every piece of furniture and belonging we bring into the home. I once helped this incredible family who was suffering with overwhelm and anxiety after a home break in. I went to their home, cleansed the home energetically with them and the wife reported that she was finally able to sleep after we were done. The energy in their home shifted for the first time in the positive direction since the break in. It was so powerful to be able to help them in that way.

Just as we wouldn’t allow dust and dirt to pile up in our homes for months or years on end, we shouldn’t allow energy to pile up either. So what do we do about it?

You have a couple choices. There is a long history in many cultures around ‘smudging’ or sageing your home. This dates 2,000 years in the culture of the Native Americans. The shamans used dried sage plants on their fires as a ritual of calling upon ancestral spirits. They did this to help release or cleanse the energy of people in reference to any conflict, anger, illness or evil they were dealing with.

This is more then just hocus locus. The smoke from dried sage actually changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response, it can cleanse the air, promote a better night

sleep, even boost energy.

When to Smudge

So when is a good time to Smudge the house? Here is a list of some of my preferred times to cleanse my home.

  • When I move into a new space

  • When I move any new furniture in

  • After we have guests over or come home from a crowded place

  • When I feel stuck or stagnant in my energy

  • After an argument or illness in the home

  • During the New Mood and/or Full Moon

  • Before meditation or yoga practice

Now I know I just listed a TON of ideas and you don’t have to smudge your house every time, simply find a pattern that works for you. I prefer to smudge my home a minimum of once a month.

lighting white sage to cleanse your home.

How To Smudge Your Home

I wanted to give you two ways two do this. My preference is to do it with white sage and palo santos, however I know that burning these things is not always doable for everyone. For that reason I am also going to give you my essential oil diffuser option as well.

The first step in cleansing your home is starting by getting rid of the negative energy in the home, then you come back with something that helps to nourish and protect the space while inviting in positive energy. If burning sage and Palo Santos is not right for you or your home, it’s ok grab your diffuser and essential oils.

Using Your Essential Oils

You will start by diffusing 3 drops of lemongrass in an area of your home for 8 hours total to cleanse the energy. Once you finish that you will diffuse 4 drops of Frankincense for 4 hours in that same area to help nourish and protect that space. This is a simple and great alternative to burning sage and palo santos.

Using Sage and Palo Santos

For this you need a couple things. At a minimum you will need dried white sage, palo santos wood and a lighter. I prefer to also have an abalone shell and a feather as well and I will explain why.

All in one smudge kit with sage and palo santos.

If you are just getting started I recommend purchasing an all in one smudge kit such as the one pictured above. Click HERE to grab the one I like.

So how do you use all of this stuff??? I prefer to keep all of the windows and doors closed when i start (if you are worried about smoke alarms you can crack some window and doors. I like to begin at the front door, because to me this is the portal for the largest energy exchange. I light my sage till the end is on fire and then I allow it to go out till it is just smoking embers.

I hold this directly over my abalone shell and use my feather to gently flow air to the sage so it doesn’t go out. I then walk around my entire home in a clockwise direction setting the intention that I am open to releasing any energy from the home that no longer serves us. I work my way around the entire house until I get back to the front door. At this point I open then front door and allow the energy to flow right out. I actually take some deep breathes and use my hands to motion the energy out of the door (but you don’t have to be all in like me, simply opening the door should do the trick).

Once I finish with the Sage, it is time to move onto the Palo Santos! Now the smell of this is my favorite!!!!! I light the end of the small piece of wood until it is on fire. Then I let it go out until it has a burning ember on the end. I once again hold it over my abalone shell (this is so embers do not fall in your home) and use my feather to fan it with air. I begin my way clockwise around the home while setting the intention that I am welcoming in love, peace, positive energy and protection. Once I get back to the door I close the door and keep all of the beautiful energy inside.

Make sure that when you are done you keep your sage and palo santos in a safe place till they are completely out. We don’t want to start any fires here!

Now you are done!!!!! You home has fresh new energy, so sit back, relax and enjoy the peaceful space you just created. I can’t wait to hear about the difference you feel!

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