What Would You Do With An Extra $3000 a Month?

When I first started using my essential oils, I remember the women who helped me asking me about the business……I quickly cut her off and proceeded to tell her every reason under the sun that I would never ever do this as a business. I seriously mean at least five minutes of reasons!

Funny thing was after using my essential oils for about six months and seeing such amazing results my friends and family started to ask me more about them. They wanted to know how they could get them and wanted to start using them. So I decided to have an essential oil event at my house. I had a few friends over and we all learned about essential oils together. I remember it being a ton of fun and we were all blown away by all the things you could use these essential oils for. That is how this journey began for me.

I kept sharing them with friends, who kept enjoying them and using them and next thing I knew I was getting checks and making money. I made enough money to cover my essential oils, supplements and other amazing products I used in my home. Then I made a little extra to cover my car payment. I kept sharing and I continued to make more. Next thing I knew I was making just as much every month with my doTERRA check as I was from my physical therapy job. I could hardly believe it when I made more with doTERRA and was even able to leave my physical therapy job!

Want to learn how to make an extra $3000 plus a month teaching people about essential oils?

Now I would be lying if I said it wasn’t scary, or it was easy…..but, I have always been driven by my desire to help that next person. The person with a sick kiddo, or the one who has headaches everyday, the one who can’t get a good night sleep……the list goes on. At this point my impact is 1,000’s of people and I can honestly say I am humbled by that. One of my favorite things is hearing from my customers about their success’s. Getting off medication, helping their sick kiddo, stabilizing their mood, you name it, I have probably heard it over the last four years, and it makes me smile each and every time.

So why in the world am I telling you all this? I remember sitting where you are thinking I would NEVER do this as a business. Now I have the opportunity to do this full time. It allows the freedom to be more present with my family, travel and share essential oils all over the country….one day hopefully the world.

I am not saying this to brag, I am saying this so you know that if you are sitting there loving your essential oils and feel like everyone should have these oils in their homes you should speak up and learn more about the business. If you are sitting there thinking an extra 3,000, or 5,000 or even 10,000+ a month would be great for you or your family, speak up, we will show you how you can do just that in the nooks and crannies of your life. I built this business when I had 3 jobs. I have a friend who built her business while running a thriving bakery, another who built this business while running a law firm. Another who built her business while being a stay at home mom of two children under four (which I might argue is the hardest job of the ones I listed) My point is YOU can do this!

We have simple systems and steps in place for you to get started without sounding like the crazy essential oil person!!! We will lock arms with you and walk, jog or run along with you till you hit your goals.

I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed a ‘job’ as much as I do this one. I don’t even mind working, because I am making a difference every single day. I wake up each morning and ask myself, ‘who can I can help.’ That has guided me from the beginning and it will always guide me.

Check out the average earnings in doTERRA

Check out these average incomes and dare to dream about what you could do for you and your family with these incomes. I can and I will help you reach whatever goal you set for yourself. I will show you the steps necessary and as long as you execute them with constancy you will reach your goals. How cool would that be???

So what do you do from here? Click the let’s connect button down below and we will do just that! We will connect. We will chat and I will share with you more about this business and learn more about your goals as we will see if this is the right fit. By clicking let’s connect you are not locked into anything or committed to anything, you are simply beginning a fact finding mission. What do you have to lose???? I tell you what you have to lose! The opportunity to help other people, to supplement or even replace your income, the opportunity to pay down that credit card, or send your kid to dance or karate. You get the point right? Reach out and connect with me and we will find out if you want to move forward and join our amazing doTERRA family spreading love and essential oils.

I hope you reach and I truly look forward to talking with you!

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