Essential Oils

When you decide to use essential oils to support you and your family it is important to know that not all essential oils are created equally!  I have done a lot of research and truly feel I have found the best essential oils on the market.

Choose for: Safety, Purity and Potency.  


It is important to look at the label when purchasing essential oils.  You might be surprised what you find in the fine print.  Things like, “may irritate skin” or “for perfume use only”

It is important that you look at this so you are not ingesting essential oils, or using essential oils topically that are not designed to be used this way.  I always look for direct instructions to be used aromatically, topically and internally as well as supplemental facts on the oils I plan to ingest.


To ensure purity it is important to know that essential oils you choose have been carefully and throughly tested.  The best advice I can give to you about Purity is trust the company you are purchasing from and their process.  If they are not transparent about their testing process I would be concerned.


Two very important details when discussing potency of essential oils are,

Where they grown in their natural habitat?
Have you ever been to Hawaii and had a pineapple there?  If you have then you know that no other pineapple that tastes that amazing!  That is because pineapples were introduced to Hawaii in the 1500’s and grow very easily in the Hawaiian environment.  The same is true for essential oils.  If you try to take Lavender which grows like weeds in the high altitude mountains of France and grow it in your garden in sunny San Diego, you might find like me that it doesn’t grow that well.  It is extremely important where essentials oils are grown.

Where they harvested at the perfect time?
This topic is  more complex, but I will explain it at the level I understand it.  A lot of the time essential oil companies want more essential oil quickly so they will harvest before the plant is really ready.  This effects the potency of the essential oils.  It is important that the people harvesting wait till just the right time to harvest the crop and know when that correct time is so each batch has the same potency and the highest potency.

Getting Essential Oils Out of the Plants

This can be accomplished two ways depending on the crop, and just like where you grow and when you harvest, how you distill has a lot of importance in the potency of essential oil you get.

Steam Distillation: 
This is the most common distillation method.  It is accomplished by passing heated steam through the plant material under gentle pressure extracting the essential oil.  The essential oil is then separated from the water and collected. Each plant requires a different pressure, time and temperature.

Expression, also known as cold pressed does not involve any heat.  The essential oil is extracted through mechanical pressure.  This is the process used for citrus essential oils such as Wild Orange, Lemon and Lime.

These are just some of the reasons I have chosen doTERRA essential oils. They are certified pure therapeutic grade, grown in their natural habitat and rigorously tested.  Click HERE to learn more about doTERRA’s certification process.