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Episode 34: 'I Am Fine'

On todays episode I dive into the answer we all use of 'I am fine,'  and why this answer is such BS and why we need to stop using it.  We need to be more open about our feelings and what we are going through and find releases for these emotions instead of bottling everything up.  

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Episode 25: The Naval Chakra

After a great episode last week with my dear friend Jenna it is time to get back to our Chakras!!!! Today I dive into the Naval Chakra, you may know it as your Solar Plexus.  This chakra is very personal to me. As I may appear that I have endless amounts of confidence, some experiences in my past have really put a strain on my confidence and this chakra.  I have done a lot of work around the naval chakra in the past six months and I am so excited to share it with you.  We will learn about the chakra and how to use life habits and essential oils to support your naval chakra.

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Episode 6: Emotional Health and Your Gut

Emotional health is such an important topic that I honestly don't believed is not spoken about nearly enough. We all have trauma, we all have stress, we all have why do we avoid this topic so strongly?  The interesting thing to me is how research is now showing how important our gut health is when we speak about anxiety and feeling down.  Give this episode a listen to learn more about that connection and what we can do to support our emotional health.  

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