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Episode 43: Life after lies

Lies! Not the most glamorous subject, but let's be honest, this is something we all have dealt with in our lives.  Being lied to and sometimes they are small and sometimes they are earth shattering.  I just un-raveled a pretty earth shattering lie I was being told by someone extremely close to me and it definitely rocked my world!  But, like I usually do, I almost immediately tried to figure out what I could learn from the situation and I learned so much I just had to share it with all of you!  

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Episode 42: Eat your way to wellness

A few weeks ago I had the amazing honor to chat with one of my childhood friends Jessica DeLuise.  She isa physicians assistant with a masters degree in health science, a certification in Culinary Medicine from Tulane University and more then 10 years of clinical experience.  She is the founder of Eat Your Way To Wellness and is dedicated to helping others find practical and nutritious approaches to wellness that works for their body and past medical history.  

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Episode 41: Begin or advance your yoga practice at home

As a doctor of physical therapy and a yoga instructor I focus my teaching on alignment and safety while helping my students advance their asana practice (basically the physical yoga poses).  

I often hear from my students things like, wow I finally understand what my body should be doing in that pose!

Check out this episode to l hear how I decided to make this something accessible to everyone, even those who can't make it to my in person classes. 

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Episode 37: An Introduction to doTERRA Essential Oils

Over the many episodes we have shared together you have heard me talk about doTERRA essential oils. Today I decided I wanted to go over the basics with you just as if you and I were sitting down for a cup of coffee to chat about my favorite thing....essential oils! I hope you enjoy learning more about how essential oils have become my medicine cabinet and so much more. 

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Episode 36: What is yoga therapy?

In this weeks episode I get to chat with Caitlin Parsons.  She is a Certified Yoga Therapist & Life Coach helping people access their own personal freedom - whether it be freedom from physical pain, discomfort and aches, or an inner freedom from anxiety, stress, overwhelm and a feeling of disconnect.

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Episode 34: 'I Am Fine'

On todays episode I dive into the answer we all use of 'I am fine,'  and why this answer is such BS and why we need to stop using it.  We need to be more open about our feelings and what we are going through and find releases for these emotions instead of bottling everything up.  

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Episode 33: Happiness & Joy

For many years of my life I believed I knew what would bring me happiness.  As life through me some curve balls and I really looked deeper into this idea of happiness and what drives happiness for people.  You might be surprised at what does and does not bring happiness.  Give this episode a listen to learn more about research and my thoughts on happiness and joy.  

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Episode 32: Work Hard, Play Harder

Michelle isn't who I would consider a 'normal' guest for my podcast, but her story and message is so powerful.  She is the true definition of following your heart and living your dream.  She shares with us her love of travel and some tricks for all of us who also love to travel.

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Episode 31: The Basics Of Meditation

Not many of us would imagine eating dinner on the same dirty plate from the night before, however so many of us tackle day after day with the same cluttered mind.  Meditation is the key to clearing the mind and starting each day on a clean and clear note.  Check out this episode to learn more about the basics of incorporating mediation into your life.  

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Episode 29: The Throat Chakra

We move onto our sixth chakra, the third eye chakra.  This chakra is all about vision.  I can't wait for you to listen and learn more!

Want to grab my FREE morning routine workbook and check out Reboot You and Thrive?  Click HERE to check it out.

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Episode 28: Energy Work With Miranda Goll

Ohhhh this might be one of my favorites!!! On this episode I get to interview a dear friend of mine Miranda Goll.

Miranda is an Intuitive Healer and Coach, Reiki Master, and Yoga Instructor. She teaches people who are ready to connect more deeply with themselves to heal: mind body and soul. She does customized work sharing energetic and emotional tools to help clients create a new reality from the inside out, so that they can become empowered, healthy, mindful and conscious creators of their reality.

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Episode 25: The Naval Chakra

After a great episode last week with my dear friend Jenna it is time to get back to our Chakras!!!! Today I dive into the Naval Chakra, you may know it as your Solar Plexus.  This chakra is very personal to me. As I may appear that I have endless amounts of confidence, some experiences in my past have really put a strain on my confidence and this chakra.  I have done a lot of work around the naval chakra in the past six months and I am so excited to share it with you.  We will learn about the chakra and how to use life habits and essential oils to support your naval chakra.

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Episode 23: The Sacral Chakra

Let's move onto the second chakra, the sacral chakra.  This chakra governs your sexuality, relationships and even part of your finances!  It is a very powerful chakra, that can be impacted by many things in our young life.  I will dive into the background of this chakra as well as habits, meditation techniques yoga poses and essential oils you can use to help support this chakra.  

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Episode 22: The Root Chakra

Let's keep diving into the chakras!  The Root Chakra!  I could probably talk about this chakra for days because it is the ground work for all of your chakras.  It governs your safety, security, roots.  It helps you to feel grounded and stable.  This chakra is oh so very powerful.  It is the beginning of every one of my meditations and a focus throughout my yoga practice. Give this episode a listen if you would like to know more.

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