Runner's Relief

“I ran a 26.2 miles for the SD Rock & Roll marathon. When I finished, I was hurting, my muscles (quads & calves) and my joints (knees and ankles and feet). I could barely put my weight on my feet and knees without wanting to whimper and cry. And then had my Navy Physical Readiness Test the next morning, (less than 24 hrs!)

I used The Essential Life book, and looked up joint pain and muscle pain.
All day and night (at least once an hour) I rubbed the oils lemongrass, coriander, and basil on my knees and feet, and deep blue through my muscles. I felt immediate relief!

I woke up in the morning, still a little stiff, but I rubbed the last round of oils on for the morning, and left the house, I was feeling great. I completed the Navy PRT with excellent scores and was able to walk and run on my feet all day long.”

– Allison, San Diego, CA

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Balance + Breathe

“Balance really helps with my jaw discomfort. I'll rub it on my jawline and forehead, and those muscles instantly relax and feel better. 

My husband is a professional track athlete. He runs the 400m. I had him start using the breathe stick before he races. he LOVES it. It has really helped open is air passages during the race. He was really upset when he forgot it at last race. This past weekend he shaved over a second off his time!”

– Brooke, San Diego, CA

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Healing to Hair Growth

“I have used frankincense on my incision sites after brain surgery. It has taken away my discomfort in that localized area. Peppermint on my forehead to help relieve my head tension.
Sandalwood mixed in my shampoo has helped my hair grow back.”

– Courtney, San Diego, CA

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Frankincense to the Rescue!

 “My hubby had a weird growth on his head, it looked really sketchy. I told him he needed to make a doctor appointment but in the meantime let's put frankincense on it (I added melaleuca a few times too) and it started to shrink! Then we rechecked about a week later and it was totally gone!”

– Lori Jimenez

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Medication No More

“My 8 year old daughter has severe breathing issues. I started using breathe in conjunction with her medications. At one point she was using 5, yes FIVE medications at one time. Between pills and inhalers I hated knowing that we were putting all this in her little body. I am all for medication when needed, it saved her life a few times and I thank God for that. BUT, God also gave us wisdom and I knew I didn't want her on 5 meds all her life. The side effects alone were horrible. So, long story short I started reducing the amount of medications she was taking while incorporating Breathe in our lives. I put it on her chest and in a diffuser.

It's been about a year and she is only taking 1 asthma pill every night. She has used her inhaler a handful of times in the past year and we have gone from multiple ER trips for breathing treatments in a 2-3 month span, to NONE in the past year  :-) I am so thankful for these oils and the amazing affect they have had on my daughter!!”

– Danielle, San Diego, CA

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"Stopped Snoring!"

“I was amazed when I put Breathe on my husband, he stopped snoring!!! Now he knows to put it on before bed every night. Happy wife, happy life ;) It’s also awesome for times when my kids are not feeling 100%. Breathe has to be one of my favorite oils, it’s way better than the Vicks I was using because it has health benefits, is all natural and doesn’t contain turpentine!”

- Lori, San Diego, CA

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Breathing Again

“For years, my three youngest kids had a hard time every time they would be under the weather. It would always go into their chest within a day or two and they would be on treatments from the doctor. My youngest was also on a daily treatment because he had it the worst. He was even hospitalized twice last winter. This winter I started diffusing Breathe in their bedroom, and knock on wood, they have not had to do one breathing treatment. My youngest has not used his daily medication either.  My oldest of the three little ones moved into his own bedroom halfway through the winter. Since I only had one diffuser, I left the one I had in the room with the two youngest. Within 3 days he had a runny nose and started to cough. I ran out, purchased another diffuser and started diffusing the Breathe in his room. It went away quickly. I have four kids total, 14, 6, 4, 3 and we did not make one trip to the doctors office this winter."

Michele, Broomfield, CO

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Jen is so knowledgeable and kind. She takes time to connect me with people who also have hashimoto and have found success through oils. She always answers any question I may have no matter how small. I buy my oils from Jen because I trust her advice which is so important especially when it comes to my children. Thank you!!

- Kris Mosco

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Asthma: Alleviated

Jennifer, thank you for introducing me to these essential oils when asthma strikes every other word is a cough for months at a time and it takes several months to heal from an asthma attack. I’ll experience months with low energy, very little sleep and complete exhaustion. The 3 oils that you’ve introduced me to has helped me heal and repair the damage coughing has done. Thank you!

- Crystal Horton

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