Customer Testimonials

From time to time my amazing customers share how it is working with me and I want to highlight some of their amazing feedback here to you to read! 


So helpful and always on point with current topics that inspire. I love that I can trust what Jennifer posts knowing that the information is accurate. Natural Wellness Tips is an awesome resource!

K.T. From California


Your chakras class was a nice way to be around other folks seeking the same growth and understanding in their lives. For me personally my journey can sometimes feel lonely walking a path less traveled and it was nice to connect and hear from other people exploring the same ideals and sharing that energy with others! And the oils and laughs and everything else that came with it was just a bonus! 

A.D. California


Jennifer, thank you for introducing me to these essential oils, when by breathing trouble strikes every other word is a cough for months at a time and it takes several months to feel better.  I’ll experience months with low energy, very little sleep and complete exhaustion.  The 3 oils that you’ve introduced me to, lemon, lavender and peppermint have helped me feel like myself again and the coughing is gone. Thank you! 

K.H. Colorodo 


Jennifer was warm & bubbly & her enthusiasm for the chakras & accompanying essential oils was infectious! I thoroughly enjoyed her workshop.

J.H. California



Jen is so knowledgeable and kind. She takes time to connect me with people who also have hashimoto and have found success through oils. She always answers any question I may have no matter how small. I buy my oils from Jen because I trust her advice which is so important especially when it comes to my children. Thank you!!

K.M. New York